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Jesus Ween!


JesusWin is a global initiative to ensure non-Christians receive educational materials about Jesus. Many people have a wrong opinion of who Jesus is and we continue to encourage and work with churches and thousands of Christians to give out tracts, bibles and other Christian gifts. Since 2002 over a million Christian gifts have been given to neighbours, strangers and friends on October 31st. JesusWin is also known as JesusWeen and continues to get popular in the United States, Canada, UK, Africa and Brazil. Read More ...

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Our Mission


Our mission is to ensure that JesusWeen becomes a global phenomenon. We have and will continue to share the word of God in love and by doing that, we seek to encourage a culture whereby Christians, regardless of their denomination, reach out to the world around them with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The bible references on which our mission is based are as follows: Habakkuk 2:14 “For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory og the LORD, as the waters cover the sea"     Read More ...

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Become A World Changer

Join MeJoin us today in being a world changer! Tour our website to see the different ways you can participate and the benefits. Join us in making Jesus the reason why millions will celebrate every October 31st. Get involved, Donate, Partner and Volunteer for JesusWeen - “World Evangelism Day”. What are you waiting for? We are the Light of the world and God is counting on us to get His job done! So, if you want to make your life count or if you want to make an impact by making Oct 31st ... Read More

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How It Started

z-little_girlsIn 2002, Pastor Paul Ade requested 300 copies of New Testament pocket size Bibles from the Bible Society to use for personal evangelism. A few days before Halloween, a word came to Pastor Paul to give out bibles to both kids and adults knocking at his door expecting candy. On that day over 40 bibles were given out without him stepping out of his house. All it took was putting a bible into every bag as they opened each bag with a smile. It was much easier than expected and since ...  Read More

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